Nau Mai, Haere Mai! Welcome to Vogelmorn Precinct

we run spaces and events with our community

In response to COVID we’re following guidelines from Ministry of Health and Wellington City Council. Vogelmorn Hall and the Bowling Club facilities are currently closed – until mid April or until Level 4 restrictions are lifted.

We are still running events – however these have mostly gone into an online world. We want to assist you to keep your social connections alive and help enhance your well-being during this challenging period.

In Honour of Tony Ford 1942-2020

Tony Ford was an Honorary Lifetime Member of the Vogelmorn Bowling Club which wound up in 2015. 

He was a keen member of the Brooklyn Lions and sincerely believed in the power of community.  As a lawyer he was instrumental in the Vogelmorn Community Group gaining ownership of the Bowling Club.   We send our condolences to his family.

Register for the Vogelmorn Phone call tree!!

The Vogelmorn Precinct is finding ways to be a virtual community. If you would like to have a daily friendly phone call to check on your wellbeing – from trained and prepared volunteers, Vogelmorn Community Group would love to help – please register here.

If you are interested in being trained as a empathic listener- please register here too.
We are looking to begin the phone tree from late March.

Online Community

We believe and see from other countries around the world in more restricted stages of social distancing, that the sense of community is very important for mental well being. We are in a process of creating an online community and would love to encourage you to be part of it in any way or shape. Do you want to share your classes through our website?

COVID-19 Useful links

We would love to also support our community with keeping you educated and informed we have created a hub of useful links where you can find the most recent updates.

Family Board Game Night

Friday 3rd April, from 5pm, comfort of your home via ZOOM

Make yourself a tasty tea, drinks of any flavour, and fave boardgames over to the ZOOM! Have a chat with other local families and learn some mean new board games. All ages welcome.

Listening to hear – listening to heal

Tuesday 21st April from 7pm, comfort of your home via ZOOM

What happens when you listen?
What happens when someone listens to you?
What happens when you are truly heard, without judgement, without advice or fixing?

Listening seems especially precious now – being able to listen to what is going on for ourselves and for others; being able to hear beyond words; being able to connect.