Vogelmorn Kids Debating Workshop

Ever wondered what arguments are made of? Want to learn to express your point of view more clearly? Want to learn something from listening to others point of view? These sessions are a hands-on civics education to develop public-speaking skills, learn how to express your opinions in a respectful way, and listen to others when they do the same. Topics will be silly, like who has more fun, rabbits or chickens? You will also try some serious ones, like what is more important, clean air or clean water?

Run by Julia Randerson and Vita Jerram (Yr 12 students at Wellington High School, who are involved in senior debating competitions and coaching junior debating teams) with support from Vogelmorn Community Group. Teachers and care-givers are free to drop in and observe proceedings, but are asked not to participate.

KEY CONCEPTS (to debating and participating respectfully in society)

Seeing the other side of the argument (arguing something that you don’t agree with)
Listening to what other people have to say
Making arguments that convey your POV well

Learn how to debate and then have a practice
Fun, supportive environment!
No pressure, just learning

The content is aimed for Year 5 students (ages 10-11), with primary kids from middle school upwards welcome. Come to one or both sessions!  

Sunday 26th July & 2nd August from 12pm-2pm

RSVP to Julia.randerson@whs.school.nz