Words Matter: workshop based on NVC

“What you say next will change your world” (Marshall B. Rosenberg)

Words have power. The words we use to speak to ourselves can impact how we feel and respond. The words we use to others can influence our relationships and the ease with which we connect.

This workshop is based on Nonviolent Communication (NVC) and is suitable both for those who want to learn and those with experience who want to practice NVC.

What you will learn
– Learn or practice Nonviolent Communication
– Explore our communication patterns and see whether they serve us in our daily life
– Expressing ourselves fully and honestly in moments of tension
– Recognizing our own triggers and choosing what to do next
– Being more authentic in daily life
– Finding words that lead to connection

We will experiment with examples from our own lives and explore ideas we already hold about communicating to see how they serve us in every day communication with ourselves and others.

We will focus on the small, possible steps we can take towards communicating to connect.

Who is is for?
Anyone who is keen to explore how we communicate and experiment with other ways, other words, other intentions. For anyone who wants to introduce more authenticity into their conversations at home or work. For anyone who wants to be able to communicate to increase connection with others.

Facilitated by Ania Banas – facilitator, researcher, mother & wife. I have been experimenting with Nonviolent Communication in my own life and bringing it into trainings for families, teachers, couples and organisations. Also doing research in NVC in educational settings.

Where: 93 Mornington Road @ Vogelmorn Bowling Club
When: 5-6 September 2019, 10:00-17:00
Financial request: 190-280 NZD
To book contact: info@redefiningconflict.com

*If you would like to participate but finances are an issue please get in touch and we will work something out.

What other participants said: “I am very grateful that I met Anna at a NVC workshop. I love the way she facilitates and create a safe space for everyone to contribute, share and learn. My personal and professional growth from attending her workshops has been huge. I have experienced a reduction of emotional stress in my life after attending her workshops due to having tools of dealing with these issues that actually work! I can highly recommend her workshops to anyone who is open to improve their communication skills, just be warned, it can change your life forever!” Laura