Connecting in Conflict

With certified trainer and mediator Yoram Mosenzon (Israel/Netherlands).

How can conflict become an opportunity for deeper closeness, understanding, collaboration, love and knowing each other?

In school we gained knowledge, but very few skills in how to deal with people…This weekend will be dedicated to learning skills in human relationship, conflict resolution and communication, through the Art of Dialogue.

We all deal with irritations, disappointments, hurts, fears, struggles and communication challenges: with our families, children, partner, friends, neighbors and colleagues.” 

We will explore:

❀  How to connect in conflict and transform conflicts into deeper trust

❀  How to deal with misunderstandings and differences in opinion between people

❀  The power of Empathy and how it transforms situations and relationships

❀  How to be fully honest but not judgmental

❀  How to deal with inner conflicts (fights between different parts of ourselves)

❀  How to ask (and stand) for what I want

❀  And more…

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