Medicine of the heart – A journey with Cacao

This evening is entirely dedicated to nurture your Spirit,
and deepen that Spirit with the revealing wisdom of Cacao.

An ancient mayan prophecy speaks;
“the Cacao Spirit will come out of the rainforest when the world goes into chaos, and help people reconnect to the magic wisdom of their hearts”

The consciousness behind the form of Cacao is in total devotion, to have the magic of your heart, find you.
It is here to tickle you in the deepest sense.

This evening will adventure you, into;
– The ways that the ancient Mayan shamans related with the Cacao Spirit.

And reveal;
– The central role the Cacao Spirit played in the Aztec civilisation.

You will be journeying with a Cacao from the wild jungle of Guatemala.
This exact Cacao was handled by the natives, in a particular way to activate specific shamanic properties.

You will be introduced to a wide spectrum of mysterious compounds researched in the west, residing within this plant.
No wonder how “Theobroma Cacao” became its latin name, meaning; “Food of the Gods”.

Our guide on this journey; Dreki, has been in mentorship with a Cacao shaman since 2013 and has traveled into the wild jungle of Guatemala with a native Mayan elder, to learn the ways of the Cacao Spirit.

“The knowledge and the stories he carries are profound”

Since coming out of the jungle, he has facilitated ceremonies all over the planet.

Dreki will also, during the evening, bring us on a Shamanic Drum Journey. This will be a unique somatic experience and can be a very healing.

Prepare yourself on the day of the ceremony by;
Just drinking water (3-4 hours before)

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