Listening to hear – listening to heal

Tuesday 21st April from 7pm, comfort of your home via ZOOM

What happens when you listen?
What happens when someone listens to you?
What happens when you are truly heard, without judgement, without advice or fixing?

Listening seems especially precious now – being able to listen to what is going on for ourselves and for others; being able to hear beyond words; being able to connect.

If you are keen to dive into empathy through deep listening – come join us (or just join us from wherever you are, really :))

“Because when we really listen, we can’t help but love.” (Kathleen Macferran)

These workshops are for all those who want to:
– practice listening with empathy
– explore how we can listen to our own experiences
– experiment with truly listening to others, even when we disagree

Find the link to the ZOOM even here.