The Great Trustee Hunt!

You love Vogelmorn, ay. What’s there not to like? This is a shared space with a mission to build connectedness, resilience, and fun in the community. Here’s your chance to get involved with running the show.

The Vogelmorn Community Group charitable trust owns the old VBC buildings, and manages Vogelmorn Hall and the green on behalf of the Wellington City Council. The trust has two permanent staff, Nicoletta, who’s our wonderful venue manager, and Lily, our fabulous hospitality manager. The tenants and other stakeholders have formed a group called Ground Control, where they regularly kōrero.about day-to-day issues. We also are very fortunate to have volunteers and contributors who devote their time and energy to making things work. Collectively, these people make Vogelmorn thrive.

We want the Vogelmorn vibe to continue for many years to come.

To achieve this, we are looking for new trustees to join us, as part of a succession plan for changes in trustees to become a regular and normal event. Our intention is that over time the trust will be refreshed so there is always a diverse group of people who can share ideas, spread the workload, pool their energy and skills, and ensure the trust remains true to its values and principles.

The Vogelmorn Community Group was incorporated in 2016, and became a charitable trust in 2018. Currently there are seven trustees (listed below). We would like to add further trustees while allowing for turn-over in the current membership. In an ideal scenario, the trust would expand its mix of ages, cultural backgrounds and community connections. We also would love to build the trust’s skills in financial management and fundraising, property/project management, human resources and employment, and legal services, as well as our recognition of te ao Māori.

Trustees can expect to spend about 2 to 5 hours a week focused on trust business. They uphold the kaupapa set out in the trust deed, and tautoko the principles and values expressed by the Trust. Our group is successful partly because of our common commitment to constructive group-dynamics and consensus-based decision-making, and so we would expect new trustees to share this commitment. We also like to have fun!

Trust responsibilities are organised into portfolios, such as precinct management, employees, programme & events, health & safety, comms, building, finance and sustainability .

If you are keen to join us, a great first step would be to work alongside one of our portfolio-holders in your area of interest.

To explore joining or working with the Trust, talk to a trustee (listed below), or email David at

Vogelmorn Community Group Charitable Trust—trustees as at November 2021
Phil Clatworthy
Natalie Crane
Ruth Fischer-Smith
Jeremy Macey
Sam Donald
Sophie Jerram
David Bagnall
We are all about increasing community connections through shared space and activities.
Our full charitable purpose is here.

Principles and Values  
As a trust, we have identified the following key values:
Leadership – We maintain future focus and seize opportunities to change for the better.
Hospitality – We value people and relationships, act with integrity and treat others with respect.
Collaboration/Openness – We work cooperatively, lead by example and maximise  collective strengths to achieve our goals.
Social equity – We embrace diversity and provide support to individuals according to need.
Creativity – We maintain focus on and alignment with our Vision and Values so that creativity and innovation can flourish. 

You can see more about our thinking here.