Toil & Trouble folk concert feat. Hex Crystals

Sunday 26 November 3-5pm


You’re invited to a laid back musical afternoon featuring Toil & Trouble (it’s their last chance to play as a group for a while) with a guest spot from the (fabulous) Hex Crystals. They’ll play tunes and songs with lovely vocal harmonies, flute, fiddle and guitar.
Music will be from about 3.15 and finish around 5 pm with a break to socialise and do some nibbling.
Koha entry, and bring a contribution to nibbles if you can.

Grow Your Own Mushrooms!

Saturday 25 November 11am-4pm

Our Terroir are bringing Bart Acres up from Dunedin again. Bart is a self-taught mushroom growing expert, keen urban gardener and beer micro brewing.
Bart will start with an introduction to mushroom biology, covering the necessary theory, but in a practical and interesting manner accessible to non-biologists. The majority of the day will be practical and hands-on, learning how to grow oyster mushrooms. Bart is bringing spawn with him, so every participant will be able to take home their own oyster mushroom grow bag and log. Whilst the focus will be on oyster mushrooms for this workshop, the methods we learn will be applicable to growing other types of mushrooms too, in particular shiitake.
Tickets are $40 for unwaged or students and $60 for waged – you can book by emailing Please also include your phone number in your email. You can also check the facebook event.

so you want to write a feature film?

STS logo

Screenwriting workshop – Saturday 11 November 9.30am-4.30pm

Script to Screen presents a one-day feature film writing workshop for emerging filmmakers of Wellington.

Over the course of the day Duncan Sarkies, Gaylene Preston and Nick Ward each explore aspects of project development, dissecting their own processes in order to help you hone your own.

What Do You Want?: screenwriter, playwright and novelist Duncan Sarkies leads a morning workshop on character objectives: how an understanding of what your character wants and the obstacles that get in their way can be used to generate ideas for your story.

Collaborative Practice: esteemed filmmaker Gaylene Preston discusses creating a workable framework for each individual project. She’ll talk about managing the perils and pitfalls of working in such an inherently collaborative medium from the outset, including establishing clarity around ownership, ensuring you’re making the same project, and a team’s creative process.

Writing, re-writing: Screenwriter Nick Ward shares his secrets to writing a screenplay that engages the reader and reads professionally. Come and hear how to inspire producers, avoid the common pitfalls and deal with the tough realities of getting your story to the big screen.

Cost: $20. Please bring cash on the day. Morning and afternoon tea will be provided. Please bring lunch with you. (The Omaroro Kitchen cafe will be running during the day.)
Places are limited so please register your spot.

spring uprising: year three

SPring Uprising

Barbarian Productions are making good on their recent Community awards win by hosting their annual Spring Uprising at the club – four days celebrating Arts for social change. The programme includes a screening of I, Daniel Blake, seminars on how to listen, speed dating with social organisations, kids’ voting and to top it all off, an Election Night PARTY! We’d love to see the whole community come together to commiserate/celebrate the results of our democracy in action.

Precinct workshop: next stage


Vogelmorn Precinct phase 2 workshop 2 – Saturday 16 September 2-4.30pm

Ngā mihi ki a koutou katoa!

Please come and join in the next Vogelmorn Precinct workshop and help the project progress in an exciting direction. We now have Wraight and Associates Landscape Architects collaborating with designers Sam Donald and Cally O’Neill, developing on the outcomes of previous workshops. Vogelmorn has some remarkable opportunities with its community spaces – let’s make them truly great!

The aim of ‘Phase 2’ of Vogelmorn Precinct Planning is to recommend a preferred design option and submit a request for funding later in 2017 to the next WCC Long-term Plan, whilst identifying short term projects that can be implemented in the coming year through community partnership with WCC.

The Vogelmorn Precinct project resulted from the Kaka Project 2014/15. This was a public platform in partnership with Wellington City Council looking at community development opportunities in Brooklyn. Since then a further local partnership with WCC has taken us through two seasons of participatory design workshops which thoroughly assessed needs, desires, values and future hopes and concerns. The contribution made by participants has given the design team a very well considered brief and a large resource of information to work with. We are excited to present back – and continue refining these ideas with you.

Food provided!

Barcelona activists: how to change your city


Thursday 24 August 6-8pm

Barcelona En Comù started as a grouping of activists and ordinary people meeting in squares and neighborhoods who wanted to change the way their city was run. Through their grassroots process it became a major political force and their mayor Ada Colau, a spokesperson for participatory democracy.

Eulàlia Corbella and her brother Oriol have been involved in the party for three years. Now they are visiting Wellington and we have the chance to learn first-hand how their actions are leading to real change in Barcelona.

“Since I was a kid I was linked to my neighbourhood’s community and activities. In 2014 I joined the beginnings of “Barcelona en Comú” political party as an activist. In 2015 we won the city government. Now I’m working on my neighbourhood as ‘consellera’ from the City Council, trying to enhance its environment and boost its community networks.”

Eulàlia has worked in culture, art and campaigns on social issues like gender equality or press illustration and in local organizations focused on youth programmes and non-profit education. She is currently completing her MA on “Women, gender and citizenship”.

Local Sophie Jerram met Eulàlia and Oriol at a Barcelona conference “Fearless Cities” recently – you can read about what she heard there, and how we could use it in New Zealand, in her thoughtful blog post.

Want to hear more? Radio NZ’s interview with Eulàlia and Oriol is here.


Hellooooo coffee!


coffee_machineBack in pre-VCG days – which feels like the distant past even though it was only a few years back – members of the local community formed the ‘Kaka project’. They gathered to talk to the City Council, local organizations, each other – pretty much anyone who’d listen – about what they wanted to see in Vogelmorn. This ranged from the mundane and inoffensive – clearer signage, brighter lighting, sewing classes – to the frankly wacky: swimming pool, free climbing wall, helipad…

Anyhow, no matter what wound up getting mentioned, it became a running joke to add, “…and coffee!” to the end of each wishlist or action plan. Whatever the topic, it had to end with a mention of that bitter brew, much like those orators of old and new who ended all their speeches with a little hate speech about Carthage, or maybe building a wall to keep out bad hombres.

Fast-forward a few short years. VCG has been set up, taken ownership of the Bowling Club, and revived the kitchen to commercial standard (another item on the community wishlist). And what do you know? This week, those caffeine fiends got their wish: thanks to donations from some generous individuals in our community, we just bought a second-hand coffee Faema coffee machine. This will form the heart of a part-time cafe which we’re in the process of setting up.

Along with those who donated money, we’d like to thank our generous suppliers: Bicycle Junction, Peter Halvorsen, Michael Howes of JumpStart Espresso Services, and Caribbean Coffee Roaster. All these people are helping us fulfil our vision of reviving a lively community spirit in this quiet, unassuming part of town.


Vogelmorn Welcomes Musos


Ready, set, bow! Violins (and a shy cello) standing by for action

Today was the second time the Bowling Club has hosted local string students led by celebrated Suzuki teacher Konstanze Artmann, while also playing host (pardon the pun) to their parents who relaxed in the adjacent lounge area. Today the kids were learning theory, but don’t worry it wasn’t all effort – they got a break halfway and everyone enjoyed some afternoon tea outside in the gorgeous autumn sun. Our newly donated & tuned Haake piano is handy for people making music, and we’d love to see (and hear) more of it!



Precinct: Phase 2

Vogelmorn Precinct Phase 2 workshop flierThe next stage of Vogelmorn Precinct planning is around the corner! We’ll kick-off Phase 2 with a workshop on Sunday 26 March 3-5pm (with child-friendly activities provided), followed by a complimentary shared dinner.

In the following couple of months the community will work together on refining the draft design. We’ll make a mid-year submission to the Wellington City Council Annual Plan for undertaking smaller, short-term projects that require low/no investment, while the more ambitious parts will feed into the draft 2018 Long Term Plan later this year. You can check out this short video for an overview of Phase 1.

3 – 5pm ~ Information, discussion, grouping and collective visualisation of the concept design, facilitated by Cally O’Neill, Anne Cunningham and Sam Donald.

Simultaneous activity for children:
3 – 5pm ~ Kids council: workshop games with Barbarian Productions

5 – 6+pm ~ Shared meal provided, and social gathering

In 2014 the Kaka Project, a community-led visioning project, sought input and ideas from the wider Brooklyn community about how to best manage and organise its community facilities. The “Vogelmorn Precinct” was highlighted and agreed upon as a development opportunity.

In 2015 a steering group was formed to oversee a participatory design process for the Vogelmorn Precinct. The project was facilitated by a co-operative of local designers and specialists in community-led process, with financial assistance from Wellington City Council.

In 2016 the Council approved funding of $20,000 for the continuation of the participatory design process for the Vogelmorn Precinct.

This rich history of local efforts towards the strengthening of Brooklyn’s community resources is our starting point for the next phase of this exciting and unique project.

Thanks to everyone for the collective visioning and support that leads us here. Now comes time to bring the visioning to life!

The aim of Phase Two of Vogelmorn Precinct Planning is to recommend a preferred design option and submit a request for funding in spring 2017 to the next WCC Long-term Plan, whilst identifying short term projects that can be implemented in the coming year through community partnership with WCC.

To sign up for Vogelmorn Precinct reminders and updates, or for further information please email Or contact Cally on 022 6085785.

To find out more about the project visit and


The Rites of Guru Rach

Experimental Performance
Spromo-magegururachunday 19 February 11.15am

A big part of our kaupapa is supporting the arts and creativity – so we’re delighted to welcome back Rachel Baker, founding member of acclaimed Binge Culture Collective, who’s presenting her latest work The Rites of Guru Rach in the 2017 New Zealand Fringe Festival. She is collaborating with award-winning director Isobel MacKinnon to develop the show, an original work which is touring Wellington community venues this February and March.

This Sunday The Rites of Guru Rach arrives at Vogelmorn Bowling Club. A spiritual successor to 2016’s And Then She Let Herself Go, the new show approaches the same theme of worship but with entirely new forms of performance.

The Rites of Guru Rach is a playful 50-minute ceremony that celebrates the community-building power of ritual though the rousing and rampant character of Guru Rach. The makeshift mystic leads a series of interactive rituals which merge the mundane, the profane and the ridiculous. This show offers a unique performance in each venue as the work adapts with the new locations and fresh audiences.
Book at the Fringe website for this show, and to discover all all of our many tour locations.