Subdivision and solstice underway

As winter rolls around it’s a good time to be getting cosy at the Bowling Club – we’re delighted to be gearing up to host an amazing feast and literature Lōemis solstice event presented by Pirate & Queen on June 25th.


Transferring ownership of the club progresses as we cut holes, dig drains and move metal. Are you handy with a spade/wheelbarrow? Please get in touch.


Jason Perawiti getting down and dirty with a storm water bubble-up sump. “The most unusual thing about this job is how smoothly it’s gone!”


See the action

The club has played host to about 120 events over the past year – Friday night fish&chips, theatre and dance workshops, parties, dinners, festivals and community consultations. It’s been amazing to see the diversity of our community in this time.