The Rites of Guru Rach

Experimental Performance
Spromo-magegururachunday 19 February 11.15am

A big part of our kaupapa is supporting the arts and creativity – so we’re delighted to welcome back Rachel Baker, founding member of acclaimed Binge Culture Collective, who’s presenting her latest work The Rites of Guru Rach in the 2017 New Zealand Fringe Festival. She is collaborating with award-winning director Isobel MacKinnon to develop the show, an original work which is touring Wellington community venues this February and March.

This Sunday The Rites of Guru Rach arrives at Vogelmorn Bowling Club. A spiritual successor to 2016’s And Then She Let Herself Go, the new show approaches the same theme of worship but with entirely new forms of performance.

The Rites of Guru Rach is a playful 50-minute ceremony that celebrates the community-building power of ritual though the rousing and rampant character of Guru Rach. The makeshift mystic leads a series of interactive rituals which merge the mundane, the profane and the ridiculous. This show offers a unique performance in each venue as the work adapts with the new locations and fresh audiences.
Book at the Fringe website for this show, and to discover all all of our many tour locations.

80s and 90s awesomeness, you’re back!

“The 80s and 90s Childhood Train of Awesomeness” – Friday 27 January 6.30-7.30pm

Local theatre maker Claire Noble is presenting an awesome childrens’ show in the Fringe Festival 2017. She would like to try out her new show for ages 5 and up to Vogelmorn locals. Rock on up to the Vogelmorn Bowling Club at 6.30 with kids in tow and get ready to join “The 80s and 90s Childhood Train of Awesomeness”. Be prepared to have a great time (free of charge)!


Fun with Toi Taniwha


We had a great time hosting Toi Taniwha recently on the newly re-unified green. There were over 150 visitors, many of them coming to the Bowling Club for the first time, and they made themselves right at home. Seeing the space shared indoors and out by so many people was wonderful. The inside rooms served for crafts, kai and getting into costume, while the green was a site for performance, stiltwalking, hoops – all overseen by indefatigable compere Emily Clemmett.





This is a short but significant document.   One that signifies vision, collaboration and the perseverance of many in our community. The title of ownership for the Bowling Club secures the building for our community.  Everyone is welcome!vcgtitle-amended

Connections near and far

Earlier in the winter we received a warming email from Weimar, Germany:

“On 30 may and 1 july we had a sucessful conference with more than 220 participants at the eiermannbau apolda. Beside the conference we showcased the ReUse-exhibition with 45 pictures of empty and vacant places …with more than 30 international references, that show ideas and tools, how to re-use, re-cycle or re-activate a former used place.  Amongst others the ‘Vogelmorn Bowling Club‘ was mentioned in the exhibition-category ‘new standards.’

“This is from the International Building Thuringia – an association “that tests new procedures and implements pilot projects and performs self-initiative projects.”  If you speak German and would prefer the original, find their site here!

It’s heartening to know the movement for community building is shared worldwide- thanks to the Goethe Institut Wellington for the heads-up on submitting to this. Screen Shot 2016-08-02 at 3.43.12 pm

Closer to home, as the Vogelmorn Community Group finishes up the subdivision on the property and we head into another financial year for the green’s owners, the Wellington City Council, we have some access through a gap in the fence for ‘light use.’

Enjoy the chinks of light.IMG_6232



Time for mucking in

Thanks to Volunteer Wellington and volunteers from the ANZ bank this week the kitchen of our beloved club got a really awesome scrub down and will soon be newly painted.


In the winter it can be really lovely in the Club as the sun pours into the North facing windows.  The wifi is pumping and soon the kitchen will be sparkling new. It feels great!

We’re looking for people to help host at the Club as they share the office downstairs. Hosting just means answering questions, showing visitors around and sometimes making tea !  We’re happy to talk about a good office price if you host for a day or more – if this sounds like you please contact

Football and Fashion

It was a busy time on Friday night with so many Brooklyn football kids hanging out and playing as they waited for their photos to be taken. Just terrific to have BNU hire the space for this broad reaching event – and the photo taking itself went really well – over 300 kids went through very smoothly.   BNU got a bar license and Garage Project and the Brooklyn Bar and Bistro helped out with supplies which was a great experiment.  Kids were offered sushi, chippies and BBQ sausages and flavoured water thanks to the Healthy Future Families trust –  a nice change from soft drinks.

Coming up on Saturday 9 July at 7pm – ReDunn Upcycled Fashion Celebration

We celebrate local up-cycling fashion legend Janet Dunn (ReDunn Fashion) with a parade of her  clothing from the collection of Barbarian Productions. Janet (currently working at the Southern Landfill) will also speak briefly about her kaupapa as a designer with re-cycling, re-purposing and re-using clothes and materials, and will introduce her new winter collection – for sale.

Tickets at the door – entry is $10 waged $5 low or unwaged or $2 for under-10s. Entry includes a glass of mulled wine.

Wait -if you show up in an Janet Dunn original then you get in free! Wellington City Mayor Celia Wade Brown models a coat below!

Subdivision and solstice underway

As winter rolls around it’s a good time to be getting cosy at the Bowling Club – we’re delighted to be gearing up to host an amazing feast and literature Lōemis solstice event presented by Pirate & Queen on June 25th.


Transferring ownership of the club progresses as we cut holes, dig drains and move metal. Are you handy with a spade/wheelbarrow? Please get in touch.


Jason Perawiti getting down and dirty with a storm water bubble-up sump. “The most unusual thing about this job is how smoothly it’s gone!”


See the action

The club has played host to about 120 events over the past year – Friday night fish&chips, theatre and dance workshops, parties, dinners, festivals and community consultations. It’s been amazing to see the diversity of our community in this time.