Who owns the Vogelmorn Bowling Club (VBC)?
The generosity of certain old bowlers, in particular life member Tony Ford, led to the ownership of VBC transferring to the Vogelmorn Community Group Charitable Trust (VCG) in 2016 for community use, via the formal assistance of the Vogelmorn Foundation.

Can I hire the VBC for my (massive) party?
The VBC is a great venue for gathering a big crowd –  but we have to be judicious with our bookings. Experience tells us that big, late and raucous aren’t a great mix, neither for the space nor the neighbourhood overall. Have a chat to us about what you have in mind.

If we are holding an event, will we need to bring our own tea and coffee?
You will need your own tea/coffee/milk/sugar, but we have mugs, cups, saucers, teapots, teaspoons, plus a zip in the kitchen and several kettles.

Is there a fridge to store our food during the day?
Yes, we have a standard fridge/freezer in the kitchen and another (plus small fridge) in the upstairs bar. NB the large drinks fridge behind the bar is currently inoperative.

Are there plates and cutlery or would it be best to bring our own?
We have plates, bowls, cutlery, mugs and assorted glassware and platters, but if you need large numbers or standard sizes, you will need to hire in.

We prefer sustainable i.e. use crockery/glass/metal and washing up rather than using disposable materials. There are two collections of food gear/utensils, one in the kitchen-mezzanine and another in the bar area upstairs. Feel free to fossick for what you need, just be considerate of users in other parts of the building.

Is there an oven or microwave to heat food?
In the kitchen are a microwave and five-burner gas stove +gas oven (please read the lighting instructions on the oven door).

What furniture do you have?
We have a half dozen plastic trestle tables, a round wooden dining table and a few small-to-large assorted tables.  We have about 40 cloth-covered stackable chairs, 50 padded folding chairs, 8 plastic/padded, along with several couches, armchairs and office chairs.

Do you have a sound system or projector?
Not currently – this is something people bring in. We do have a movable screen.

Is it OK to stick things on the walls with blutak?
We are trying to keep our nice paint jobs nice and stop the shabby paint job getting shabbier, so please whatever you do don’t take the paint off the walls.

Can I book the kitchen?
Yes! with the recent upgrade completed we are now taking bookings – drop us an email.

What’s the curfew at VBC?
Like the Hall, the noise cutoff is midnight. We’re in the middle of a residential area in one of Wellington’s quietest suburbs – and we like it that way.

Who owns the green in front of the VBC?
The green was long leased from Wellington City Council for exclusive use as a bowling green. Bowling and the lease have ended, and the green is a public space now continuously available for public use via the three unlocked gates.

I want to hold an event on the green. Can I book it?
If you book the Hall and/or Bowling Club then, like any member of the public, you can access the green. If you want to hold a large event, talk to us and we can let the Brooklyn Community Association (who take bookings for the Hall) know so any of their hirers are aware, and vice-versa for Hall bookers. The WCC will also need to know about a sizeable event. Regardless of your booking, the public can still access the green.

Can I play bowls at the VBC?
Unforunately things have slipped a bit since the heyday of bowling. There’s a fantastic lawn out front, if not championship-level. Nothing stopping you bringing your balls and having a go though.

Is there still equipment to play bowls or has this all been taken away?
We have some sets of bowls, as well as a really nice croquet set which you can have a go with.

Who runs/how can I book the Vogelmorn Hall?
It’s administered by the Brooklyn Community Association under contract from its owners WCC.

Who are the Vogelmorn Community Group (VCG)?
A bunch of highly motivated local idealists who came together in 2013 around the opportunity presented when the Bowling Club was transitioning into a new life. We formed a Charitable Trust in early 2015.

Who runs the VBC?
Volunteers all the way, whether VCG members or friendly associates. You could join us!

Who funds you?
We rely on an ocean of volunteer time, skills, donated materials and community goodwill. We keep our overheads low and they’re covered by hirage of the space for rehearsals, workshops and events. We’ve also had grants from Rotary and the Nikau Foundation towards our kitchen upgrade.

Do you need help?

For sure! we could use your time, skills, materials you may have access to; even a donation. Drop us a line.

What will happen to the green? Infill housing? Casino?
Nope. The Wellington City Council has committed to retaining the green, along with the once-threatened adjacent Vogelmorn Hall.

What’s the Vogelmorn Precinct?

This is the informal name given to the area encompassing the Tennis Club, Hall, Green and Bowling Club. A first round of WCC-supported consultative design carried out by Co-op Cooperative has been succeeded by a second, also WCC-backed phase which will hone the design, still in collaboration with the community. Get in touch and get involved!


Is it true there’s asbestos in the VBC?
Oh yes! on the roof and exterior walls. Being an inert substance, it’s not going anywhere fast. We’ve had samples sent off for testing to confirm that all users and neighbours are safe, and it’s on our long-term plan to replace this though as we move through  our building improvements.

What about the asbestos when you replaced the south kitchen wall?
The wonderful Tracey Reihana of Unlimited Environmental Solutions – ‘the azzie pros’ – brought his team to safely remove and dipose of the asbestos. Major Consulting Group gave the remaining wall the all clear – feel free to read their report. We briefly stored some Harditech on a trailer before taking it to the tip. This was asbestos-free: on the Mornington Road breathe easy, stranger.