Vogelmorn is still open for community

We are very happy to open our door for community again!

In regards to the rules for Level 2 we have put in place some rules which you and anyone using the Vogelmorn spaces will have to follow. We are putting numerous measures in place to ensure we are following the guidelines recommended by the Government, but it means there may be some inconvenience, delays, or limited access.

We encourage everyone to be patient and understanding, and also be kind to each other.

“Where there is unity there is always victory.”

We would love to also support our community with keeping you educated and informed we have created a hub of useful links where you can find the most recent updates.

We are also preparing to put together a support groups for time of isolation in New Zealand.

We strongly believe that LOVE is the most powerful force and we have already seen how powerful New Zealender’s can be when we all come together as a unity to support each other! We’ve weathered crises in the past; flu epidemics, floods, earthquakes. We have done it by caring and supporting each other. We have stepped out of our individualistic way of being into unified force. And that is how we’ll get through COVID too.

We would love you to know that self-isolation doesn’t have to mean you are alone.

We can use this crisis as an opportunity to make us stronger, as individuals and as a community. Contact us if you need any support –

We are putting together ideas and strategies how best we can support you and we’ll be sharing those ideas and activities with you.

Here are some useful information and links:

  • Stay informed. Use reliable information sources, such the Ministry of Health website for all the latest information and advice on COVID-19.
  • Stay home if you are feeling unwell, seriously. And contact the Healthline team (for free) on 0800 358 5453.
    • Here is a useful article from a woman who is recovering from COVID. She talks about her symptoms, so you know what you are looking for!
    • Once you call Healthline and IF you are asked to self-isolate, your employer has obligations to support you.
  • Financial assistanceRead up here about assistance for those employed, here for those who are not employed. Go here if you are self-employed
  • Physical health: If you are concerned about someone else having flu-like symptoms, encourage them to seek medical advice by calling Healthline or contacting their GP.
  • And remember, if you begin to feel unwell, contact Healthline for free on 0800 358 5453, or your GP. The symptoms of COVID-19 are cough, fever, and shortness of breath.
  • Mental health: Some great resources and online training on Mental health and Stress resilience here.
  • Library services you can access from home for your self-isolation. If you’re self-isolating, or simply looking for something to do, Wellington City Council have some great links to online services you can tap into while you’re staying home. Read here.
  • How to use Zoom – Basics.