Vogelmorn Festival

Friends of Vogelmorn hosted a family-friendly, zero-waste, sustainably-focused community-driven, diverse and inclusive event in November 2019 and below are some highlights from this great day!


Wairarapa Eco farm talk – Where Does Wellington’s Food Come From?

Thursday 14th November 6.30-7.30pm

Wairarapa Eco Farm delivers to pick-up points throughout the Wellington region, including Vogelmorn where many locals receive regular food delivery from Frank and Josje’s farm.

In this talk you will gain greater knowledge of where your food comes from, how it is produced and much more. Community Supported Agriculture unites farmers and consumers to create direct and mutually beneficial relationships around the production of environmentally sustainable and healthy local food. 

a) how people can get involved (helping, buying etc) and what to expect from signing up.
b) what sustainable agriculture means for your and your CSA and 
c) the food reliance we in the city have on the regions…


Speaking Peace: workshop based on Nonviolent Communication

23 – 24th November, 10-4.00pm

This workshop is for all those who want to practice peace – in the way we think, speak, communicate and relate. Even in the moments of tension and conflict.

“Every day we could think about the aggression in the world […] everywhere. All over the world, everybody always strikes out at the enemy, and the pain escalates forever. Every day, at the moment when things get edgy, we can […] ask ourselves: ‘Am I going to practice peace or am I going to war?” (Pema Chodron)

We will practice:
– Expressing ourselves fully and honestly in moments of tension
– Recognizing our own triggers and choosing what to do next
– Being more authentic in daily life
– Finding words that lead to connection

If any of this sounds interesting, exciting or something you would be keen to try, join us for this weekend workshop introducing and exploring Nonviolent Communication. We will experiment with examples from our own lives and explore ideas we already hold about communicating to see how they serve us in every day communication with ourselves and others. We will focus on the small, possible steps we can take towards communicating to connect.

For anyone who is keen to :
– explore how we speak to ourselves and others
– discover NVC
– learn more about NVC and practice more
– find new ways of communicating

Facilitated by Anna Banas – facilitator, researcher, mother & wife. I have been experimenting with Nonviolent Communication in my own life and bringing it into trainings for families, teachers, couples and organisations. Also doing research in NVC in educational settings.

Where: 93 Mornington Road @ Vogelmorn Bowling Club
When: 23-24 November, 10:00-16:00
Investment: 190-280 NZD (your choice)
To book contact:

*If you would like to participate but finances are an issue please get in touch and we will work something out.

What other participants said: “I am very grateful that I met Anna at a NVC workshop. I love the way she facilitates and create a safe space for everyone to contribute, share and learn. My personal and professional growth from attending her workshops has been huge. I have experienced a reduction of emotional stress in my life after attending her workshops due to having tools of dealing with these issues that actually work! I can highly recommend her workshops to anyone who is open to improve their communication skills, just be warned, it can change your life forever!” Laura

The artwork is by Leah Piken Kolidas (used with permission). More of Leah’s art can be found here:


Soul Voice® Workshop

2 & 3 November

Soul Voice® is ‘cutting edge’ and ‘ground breaking’ sound therapy.

During the workshop, we will be doing different sound exercises and techniques to bring you deeper into your authentic voice. Also you will learn about the ‘Pain Release’ technique, the ‘Song of the Soul’ exercise, how to do a ‘Sound Meditation’ and learn how to accomplish your own ‘Overtones’ and many more techniques. It is a truly remarkable workshop in the way the exercises are set up to empower your voice.

Each sound exercise and practice will teach you how truly creative the voice can become as an instrument of sound and an instrument for healing… the voice soundscape has infinite possibilities. Everybody has a healing voice!

The workshop is an unforgettable experience.

For over 20 years I have been on an amazing journey of self discovery involving many healing modalities including Bioenergetics, Interactive Drawing Therapy, Hakomi, Energy Healing, Light Language and Therapeutic Massage. 

More recently, over the past 10 years, I have trained in and received the gifts from Aura Soma® Colour Therapy, the Feldenkrais® Method and Soul Voice® . Together they weave a synergy of colour, sound and movement which create the groundwork for my life purpose and Soul Voice® Teaching.


Building bridges or walls? Based on Nonviolent Communication

In this one day workshop we will explore what communication strategies create more connections, and which ones are more likely to cause conflict.

We will learn the basics of Nonviolent Communication and see how we can bring it into our everyday lives – at home, work, school, in relationships.

We will start noticing the difference between:
(i) observations and interpretations
(ii) feelings and thoughts
(ii) needs and strategies
(iv) requests and demands

We will focus on both listening and speaking. And practise, practise, practise…

WHERE: 93 Monrington Road, Wellington (Vogelmorn Bowling Club – upstairs)
WHEN: 20 October, 10-17:00
INVESTMENT: a choice between 80-140
TO BOOK: contact:

Facilitator: Anna is a wife, mother of three, communication trainer and researcher. She has been inspired by NVC and incorporates it into her communication workshops that she has been leading for parents and teachers for the past five years. She is also a researcher working on children and conflict.

What others have said: “I just loved the NVC from Conflict to connection with children course. The practical tools when put to use really really do create just that, connection with your children. The course was completely practical and I went away able to actually make tangible changes in how I interact with my children in the everyday challenging situations. Ania beautiful brings the material to life and challenges you to practice using the tools in a safe environment so you can go home and really use them with your family.”


From Conflict to Contact with Children

“At the root of every tantrum and power struggle are unment needs.” Marshall B. Rosenberg

Are you tired of your children fighting? Or constantly hearing ‘No!!”? Are you tired of the power struggles? Or maybe you would like more ease in going through the day?

Would you enjoy more peace, more ease and more communication with your children?

Or maybe you are just looking for other ways of communicating, for some inspirations and some new ways of expressing yourself and of hearing what your children have to say?

If any of these sound appealing, interesting or intriguing – join me on this series of Nonviolent Communication (NVC) -inspired workshops for parents and caregivers. During these four evening meetings we will have a chance to:
– Learn the basics of NVC
– Discover the healing power of empathy
– Look at our own triggers
– Listen beyond the ‘No!!’
– Move away from punishments and rewards

Nonviolent Communication, sometimes referred to as compassionate communication or language of the heart, is an approach to communication that enables us to hear others without blame and express ourselves without guilt. NVC offers practical toolkit of skills for creating a connection, and as such has been the most transformative approach I have found in my parenting journey.

If you’d like to read more about NVC or its foudner Marshall B. Rosenberg, have a look here:

Come and join me on this series of four workshops to explore the ways we can be more relaxed, open and honest in our parenting, and enjoy our children even more. And above all, get support from the group of other parents 🙂

Where: Vogemorn Bowling Club
When: Four consecutive Thursday evenings, starting on October 17th, at 18:30-21:00

To book or for more information contact Anna at, or 021-08583114

**If you would like to participate and finaces the only thing in the way, please get in touch with me**

Anna is a wife, mother of three, communication trainer and researcher. She has been inspired by NVC and incorporates it into her communication workshops that she has been leading for parents and teachers for the past five years. She is also a researcher working on children and conflict.


New Gate Decoration

Help us to decorate our new gate! Saturday 28 September while you check out Rate Cutz (10am-4pm) and the Kids Election (noon-4pm).

We’re planning to make the palings ourselves from recycled materials. If you have time to contribute your community creativity to this constructive little number we’d love your help.

Please email or contact 0226087585 and let us know what time on 28 September you are able to make it. It’ll be gate!


Big Wide Starey Eyes

Wednesday October 3rd at 4:00pm, at Vogelmorn Hall.

Big Wide Starey Eyes is a contemporary art exhibition featuring the work of 5 Wellington based artists and designers. The show explores a range of themes relating to the ‘unseen’, sight, ecological engagement, psychology and tropes of ‘horror’. These themes are unpacked through a variety of artwork including; sculpture, video, painting and photography. 

Please join us on Thursday October 3rd at 4:00pm, at Vogelmorn Hall. Food and drink will be provided.’

Little feature of the work you can see during the exhibition.


Wellington Conversations

Thursday 17th October, 6.00-9.00pm

Wellington Conversations is a free event series that provides a chance to connect with other locals over facilitated conversations about topics that matter to us as Wellingtonians. Check out to learn more.

October’s topic is: “What and how we share”

Up to 50% of the seats at the venue can be booked in advance by registering a ticket on Humanitix (it’s always free). If you’d like to book a seat, visit:

Each event a chance to connect with other people you might pass on the street but otherwise never get the chance to meet – an opportunity to share, listen and learn about topics that matter to us all as Wellingtonians.

If you any questions or queries about the events, get in touch with the Wellington Conversations team at

Venue accessibility: This venue is not wheelchair accessible. The event is being held in the cafe area in the main hall. There is a small set of stairs to climb from the ground floor up to the cafe space. There is plenty of street parking close by.


Vogelmorn Precinct Festival

Save the date – 30th November 2019

All welcome!

10 am start: Flea market on the green or inside the hall if it rains (book your stall ) – Fitness workshop
11 am: Sustainable treasure hunt
11.30 am Karate demonstration
12.30:  Workfit
12 pm – 2 pm : Have your family photo taken
1.30pm – Dance workshops
2.00pm – Sustainable workshops/(Clothes swap?)
4.00pm – Bring your own instrument and join Fritz for the music jam
5.00pm listen to our local writers included Jo Randerson and purchase a signed copy of their book.
6.00pm play a game of scrabble, chess or cards and relax.

Damascus cafe will be open during the day. Food trucks will take over from 5 pm ( would love it if you could bring your plate, glass, knife and fork) Zero waste event it is! 

All day: History of Vogelmorn Bowling Club display,  great black and white photos and text compiled by our local historian. Chris will answer your questions.

Live music:
1PM – The Flukes
2pm – Hoot’n’Annies
7pm – Bam Bam and the Rocksteady All Stars
8pm – Ingrid and the Ministers
9pm – Dr Reknaw

Finally think of a sustainable wish to write on the day on the banner: Vogelmorn Community wishes for 2020!

We hope to bring day full of fun, zero-waste and relaxation to our wonderful community!

Our aim is to bring the community together, become stronger and motivate each other towards a more sustainable, creative, healthy and connected community.