Who are the VCG?

Formed in 2015 as a Charitable Trust, the Vogelmorn Community Group is a group of passionate locals from the Brooklyn-Vogeltown-Mornington-Kingston part of Wellington New Zealand, keen to generate activity and community spirit in shared spaces and land.

General enquiries? Email Jo or Thomas at Barbarian Productions

The Trust members are: Jo Randerson, Thomas LaHood, Claire McCann,  Simon McLellan, David Bagnall, Turi Park, Omri Ash, Sophie Jerram, Ben Zwartz and Phil Clatworthy.

We have been managing the former Bowling Club rooms with the help of Barbarian Productions since late 2014 and as of September 2016 we have taken formal process of the building!

We also made this superb video that helped us win the first Rotary Akina Social Enterprise award in 2015 to update the kitchen.

Since 2014 we’ve held events to bring the community together. Maybe you’ve see our posters around the neighbourhood (designed by Trustee Turi Park)?






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