From Conflict to Contact with Children

“At the root of every tantrum and power struggle are unment needs.” Marshall B. Rosenberg

Are you tired of your children fighting? Or constantly hearing ‘No!!”? Are you tired of the power struggles? Or maybe you would like more ease in going through the day?

Would you enjoy more peace, more ease and more communication with your children?

Or maybe you are just looking for other ways of communicating, for some inspirations and some new ways of expressing yourself and of hearing what your children have to say?

If any of these sound appealing, interesting or intriguing – join me on this series of Nonviolent Communication (NVC) -inspired workshops for parents and caregivers. During these four evening meetings we will have a chance to:
– Learn the basics of NVC
– Discover the healing power of empathy
– Look at our own triggers
– Listen beyond the ‘No!!’
– Move away from punishments and rewards

Nonviolent Communication, sometimes referred to as compassionate communication or language of the heart, is an approach to communication that enables us to hear others without blame and express ourselves without guilt. NVC offers practical toolkit of skills for creating a connection, and as such has been the most transformative approach I have found in my parenting journey.

If you’d like to read more about NVC or its foudner Marshall B. Rosenberg, have a look here:

Come and join me on this series of four workshops to explore the ways we can be more relaxed, open and honest in our parenting, and enjoy our children even more. And above all, get support from the group of other parents 🙂

Where: Vogemorn Bowling Club
When: Four consecutive Thursday evenings, starting on October 17th, at 18:30-21:00

To book or for more information contact Anna at, or 021-08583114

**If you would like to participate and finaces the only thing in the way, please get in touch with me**

Anna is a wife, mother of three, communication trainer and researcher. She has been inspired by NVC and incorporates it into her communication workshops that she has been leading for parents and teachers for the past five years. She is also a researcher working on children and conflict.

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