Building bridges or walls? Based on Nonviolent Communication

In this one day workshop we will explore what communication strategies create more connections, and which ones are more likely to cause conflict.

We will learn the basics of Nonviolent Communication and see how we can bring it into our everyday lives – at home, work, school, in relationships.

We will start noticing the difference between:
(i) observations and interpretations
(ii) feelings and thoughts
(ii) needs and strategies
(iv) requests and demands

We will focus on both listening and speaking. And practise, practise, practise…

WHERE: 93 Monrington Road, Wellington (Vogelmorn Bowling Club – upstairs)
WHEN: 20 October, 10-17:00
INVESTMENT: a choice between 80-140
TO BOOK: contact:

Facilitator: Anna is a wife, mother of three, communication trainer and researcher. She has been inspired by NVC and incorporates it into her communication workshops that she has been leading for parents and teachers for the past five years. She is also a researcher working on children and conflict.

What others have said: “I just loved the NVC from Conflict to connection with children course. The practical tools when put to use really really do create just that, connection with your children. The course was completely practical and I went away able to actually make tangible changes in how I interact with my children in the everyday challenging situations. Ania beautiful brings the material to life and challenges you to practice using the tools in a safe environment so you can go home and really use them with your family.”

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