Cutting political conversations…
Rates Cutz 2019 is a local body election focused version of the Political Cutz pop-up hair salon and we want to bring it to the screen nearest to you (probably the one in your hands now!).

What is it?

We felt like New Zealanders weren’t having decent and open conversations with each other regarding the big topics that define us as a nation. In this age of 24/7 total media saturation and fake news we wanted to offer the chance for you to sit down and discuss issues face to face.

Political Cutz uses a unique blend of theatre & visual arts to create salons offering free haircuts in exchange for political conversations. Thanks to the support of the WCC Public Art Fund we will be setting up our salon during the weekend of Sept 28th/29th to give the public a chance to discuss the issues for the upcoming Wellington local body elections.

You are invited to enter the Rates Cutz 2019 salon space and interact in a variety of fun ways…

– Receive a Rates Cut and participate in a salon wide political conversation.
– Participate in a salon election, as a candidate or voter, as to who gets a Rates Cut.
– Interact with the various candidates who are standing in the upcoming election
– Participate in a group conversation with other hosts &/or participants.
– Interact with the hosts regarding the salon and your own political/civic conversation.
– Read, interact and graffitti the chalkboard installation surrounding the salon.
– Colour in politicians & read relevant material while chatting to strangers about politics
– Hang out, observe &/or runaway!

We want to help people become MORE ENGAGED in local body politics, participate by VOTING and have a UNIQUE ARTS EXPERIENCE at the same time!

Its well known that people shy away from the voting booth as only 43% vote on average in these elections and we aim to give it a BIG SHOT OF ENERGY… one haircut at a time!

Please note that Rates Cutz 2019 is a politically neutral space and we approach this with no political alignment.

What are we funding?

This is a project that grabs attention with its novelty, but the ongoing dialogue that it encourages is its real value. Our aim is to create a short and engaging web based series, a challenging proposition due to the many moving parts of the salon. We will not only capture the spirit of the salon in action, but also shares the personal views, opinions and concerns of the citizens involved. Rates Cutz 2019 offers a great chance for local people from a local community to get their thoughts and conversations listened to and shared.

We will look to create that discussion towards local body politics and with this thoughtful capture of video/ audio coverage we are looking to give a voice to those that are often not heard during election campaigns… THE PEOPLE!

Why donate?

You may be one of these great peeps:

– A dedicated POLITICAL/RATES CUTZ follower
– PASSIONATE about political/civic conversations, discussions and points of view
– Help create a video web series that gives voice to THE COMMUNITY
– Support opportunities for the public to enjoy unique ARTS EXPERIENCES

So if you’re keen on helping us evolve Rates Cutz 2019 and reach the greater Wellington region and even further afield (digitally) then please donate today!

Can’t donate? Please share and help us spread the word of FREE CUTZ for CHATS!

You can donate here.

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