Vogelmorn Community Group to run the Vogelmorn Hall

From 1 September 2019 the Vogelmorn Community Group (VCG) will manage the Vogelmorn Hall. This follows a successful four-year period of the Brooklyn Community Association running the Hall and bookings. We want to shout out to BCA and Euan Harris, who has warmly administered bookings and been a friendly face around the Hall.

Since its formation in 2015 the VCG has been running the former Bowling Club rooms on the south side of the Green as a multi-use community resource for public hire, community meetings and events. Managing the Hall together with the clubrooms will help foster an integrated Precinct identity.

VCG Trustee Jeremy Macey says, “We’re grateful to Euan and the BCA for taking such great care of the Hall and its users, whose numbers have gone up in the four years they’ve been running it. VCG looks forward to welcoming new users alongside current ones, and sharing this beautiful building with an even wider group of people.”

Bookings and availability for existing users will remain in place. Any queries can be directed to Jana at vogelmornbc@gmail.com.


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