Speaking Peace: Introductory workshop based on NVC (NonViolent Communication)

3-4 August 2019, 10:00-16:00

This workshop is for all those who want to practice peace – in the way we think, speak, communicate and relate. Even in the moments of tension and conflict.

“Every day we could think about the aggression in the world […] everywhere. All over the world, everybody always strikes out at the enemy, and the pain escalates forever. Every day we could reflect on this and ask ourselves: […] Every day, at the moment when things get edgy, we can […] ask ourselves: ‘Am I going to practice peace or am I going to war?” (Pema Chodron)

We will practice:

– Expressing ourselves fully and honestly in moments of tension

– Recognizing our own triggers and choosing what to do next

– Being more authentic in daily life

– Finding words that lead to connection

If any of this sounds interesting, exciting or something you would be keen to try, join us for this weekend workshop introducing Nonviolent Communication. We will experiment with examples from our own lives and explore ideas we already hold about communicating to see how they serve us in every day communication with ourselves and others. We will focus on the small, possible steps we can take towards communicating to connect.

Investment: 50NZD (booking/costs) + koha for the trainer, book with info@redefiningconflict.com

(If you would like to participate but finances are an issue please get in touch and we will work something out.)

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