Culture without borders

HOST International NZ Ltd is glad to announce new project called Culture without borders.

The purpose of the project is to connect locals with former refugees to reduce the borders between them.
They can meet socially and talk about anything, cultures, languages, sports, movies, weather etc…

It is a golden chance to meet people from another background, to know more about their traditions and to build a stronger community, a connected one community.

Program details:
Four meetups per month, one meeting per week for 2 hours.
First program will start July (4th, 11th, 18th, 25th) every Thursday.
Meetings will be held at Vogelmorn community hub (93 Mornington Road, Brooklyn 6021, Wellington).

The goal of the project:
For locals: we know that locals love to travel and learn about new cultures and it is difficult for them to talk to people from many cultures around them (former refugees), so we will help with that, We also know that locals are interested in knowing some words from another language.

For former refugees: in any country if you know the locals, first you will fit in the community faster, secondly you will know and understand the system faster which will help former refugees to feel more at home.

Former refugees would love to know more about the Kiwi culture.

If you are interested, please register using the following forms:

New kiwis (Former refugees form)
Kiwis form (Non-refugee background)

This project is managed and supervised by HOST International NZ ltd.

for more details contact:
Wael Aldroubi

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