How open do we leave the Vogelmorn fence?

…. And other questions we need your help on!

The Vogelmorn Precinct steering group is seeking your feedback for the ongoing development of the Vogelmorn green.   screen shot 2019-01-27 at 11.18.41 amFollowing community workshops in 2016-17, Wellington City Council has provided initial funding to upgrade the space (still with the help of the community).   To ensure we get the wall and degree of ‘openness’ that we want onto the street, and the look we want, we really want to hear from you about:
-the Mornington Rd brick wall
– the Mornington Rd gate
– the Cypress trees
– the community garden
– an action group

Here’s is a link to the feedback form: – The survey should only take a couple of minutes.

And the plans are in this dropbox link here:

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