Building a community… oven

Who can resist the smell of newly baked bread?  Pizza anyone?  Thanks to the vision of Berhampore resident Simon Cosgrove we’re planning a large pizza oven that you can bring your bread dough (and other goodies) to prove and bake from on the edge of the Vogelmorn Green.  We are working with talented artist duo Kemi & Niko (known as the pied pipers of Mt Cook since their Miniature Hikes series) on the design and we’d like your help in finding materials for the oven.  Shortly we will be asking for your help to prioritise the design features that we might like to add to it (water filter?  prep tables? fridge for dough rising? planters for fresh herbs on your pizza?).  Come along to the launch event of the oven design process at our December 9th family friendly party event.  We will kick things off by all voting on a name for the oven project and you can also vote on the features you want included.  There will be working bees in the New Year and freshly baked bread out of the oven come Easter!  And if you have some of the following, yell out across the Green via email at

Needed: Firebricks, Wood beams, planks, skirting, weather boards, tiles (terracotta, glazed or ceramic), roof cladding, tin cans, metal reinforcing rods, wire gabions, concrete reinforcing mesh, chicken wire, vermiculite, lime, cement, pebbles, sand, clay, planters and pots, paint and any hooks, copper pipes, small wheels, oven tools and a willing pair of hands!


Sam, Niko, Phil and Simon plan the oven. The oven site is around about where Niko is sitting.


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