Hellooooo coffee!


coffee_machineBack in pre-VCG days – which feels like the distant past even though it was only a few years back – members of the local community formed the ‘Kaka project’. They gathered to talk to the City Council, local organizations, each other – pretty much anyone who’d listen – about what they wanted to see in Vogelmorn. This ranged from the mundane and inoffensive – clearer signage, brighter lighting, sewing classes – to the frankly wacky: swimming pool, free climbing wall, helipad…

Anyhow, no matter what wound up getting mentioned, it became a running joke to add, “…and coffee!” to the end of each wishlist or action plan. Whatever the topic, it had to end with a mention of that bitter brew, much like those orators of old and new who ended all their speeches with a little hate speech about Carthage, or maybe building a wall to keep out bad hombres.

Fast-forward a few short years. VCG has been set up, taken ownership of the Bowling Club, and revived the kitchen to commercial standard (another item on the community wishlist). And what do you know? This week, those caffeine fiends got their wish: thanks to donations from some generous individuals in our community, we just bought a second-hand coffee Faema coffee machine. This will form the heart of a part-time cafe which we’re in the process of setting up.

Along with those who donated money, we’d like to thank our generous suppliers: Bicycle Junction, Peter Halvorsen, Michael Howes of JumpStart Espresso Services, and Caribbean Coffee Roaster. All these people are helping us fulfil our vision of reviving a lively community spirit in this quiet, unassuming part of town.


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