Connections near and far

Earlier in the winter we received a warming email from Weimar, Germany:

“On 30 may and 1 july we had a sucessful conference with more than 220 participants at the eiermannbau apolda. Beside the conference we showcased the ReUse-exhibition with 45 pictures of empty and vacant places …with more than 30 international references, that show ideas and tools, how to re-use, re-cycle or re-activate a former used place.  Amongst others the ‘Vogelmorn Bowling Club‘ was mentioned in the exhibition-category ‘new standards.’

“This is from the International Building Thuringia – an association “that tests new procedures and implements pilot projects and performs self-initiative projects.”  If you speak German and would prefer the original, find their site here!

It’s heartening to know the movement for community building is shared worldwide- thanks to the Goethe Institut Wellington for the heads-up on submitting to this. Screen Shot 2016-08-02 at 3.43.12 pm

Closer to home, as the Vogelmorn Community Group finishes up the subdivision on the property and we head into another financial year for the green’s owners, the Wellington City Council, we have some access through a gap in the fence for ‘light use.’

Enjoy the chinks of light.IMG_6232



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